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What is Evolve?

Evolve is a hands-free skin and body remodeling workstation that maximizes patient results and provides the highest quality of aesthetic treatments available. This top-of-the-line technology targets three different techniques to yeild the best results:

  1. Tite – Skin Remodeling
  2. Trim – Body & Cellulite Treatment
  3. Tone – Muscle Toning Treatment

With the dynamic power of these three techniques, Evolve can treat multiple areas of the body simultaneously and provide a variety of customizable aesthetic treatments.


Evolve Tite uses RF energy to remodel skin and improve overall appearance. There are 8 hands-free applicators that are used to deliver uniform and volumetric heating to the skin and sub-dermal layer. This provides customzied and pain free solutions to patients!

Treatable Areas:
Thighs • Abdomen • Arms


Evolve Trim uses 6 hands-free applicators that deliver RF energy and a vacuum. To yeild the greatest results, this technology delivers a uniform thermal effect to the deepest layers of subcutaneous fat.

Treatable Areas:
Thighs • Abdomen • Arms


Evolve Tone utilizes electromagnetic energy to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions. This technology uses 4 hands-free applicators target specific muscle groups to increase muscle strength and refine the look of muscles.

Treatable areas:
Buttocks • Abdomen


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