Self-administered Nitrous oxide for patient comfort and anxiety!

PRO-NOX is a new anti-pain medicine that provides comfort for your non-invasive aesthetic skin care treatments. With its self-administering feature, you are able to effectively control how much (or little) pain relief your body needs prior to undergoing your treatments.

How does it work?

During your treatment, you will determine the amount of pain relief you need. You then hold a disposable mouthpiece hose to your mouth as you breathe in Nitrous oxide. Within ten minutes there is not a trace of chemical in your body, allowing you to safely return to your daily activities with no risk.

What are the benefits?

  • You self administer it
  • Quick onset – takes effect in seconds
  • Immediate relief from pain and anxiety
  • Short duration – can return to activities
  • No oral pain medication or narcotics
  • Ideal for aesthetic procedures

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