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What is BeautiFill?

As we age, we may notice less volume in some areas in our body and more in others– BeatiFill is here to help balance out where your body volume goes!

By using safe laser technology, BeautiFill gently removes the fat cells from areas of the body with excess volume and transfers the amount to other areas of the body to restore balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the BeautiFill treatment work?

    The BeautiFill procedure uses laser energy under the skin to gently loosen fat from problem areas such as the abdomen, hips, flanks, and thighs. The live harvested fat cells are then injected into areas where volume has been lost, including many facial areas and certain areas of the body (such as the buttocks.)

    What's the difference between BeautiFill and other fat transfer procedures?

    The crucial difference between BeautiFill and other fat transfer methods is how the fat is harvested. Other fat harvesting methods were intended to destroy and/or discard fat, not preserve it for reimplantation. BeautiFill uses a proprietary laser instrument designed to extract the highest quantity and quality of live fat cells for reimplantation.

    Is the BeautiFill treatment painful?

    No. BeautiFill is an outpatient procedure performed completely awake and under local anesthetics which avoids risks traditionally associated with general anesthesia. In addition, BeautiFill’s laser energy provides the added benefit of less bruising and swelling often seen with other fat harvesting methods.


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