Natural and Long Lasting Minimally Invasive Rejuvenation

The MyEllevate® Facial procedure is a minimally evasive neck and jawline rejuvenation that has natural, longterm results that can be combined with other energy based skin tightening techniques.

How does it work?

Myellevate® is a simple and easy way to perform a minimally invasive procedure. It is performed with local anesthesia and uses a light guided suture system without needing to make incisions. This immediately elevates underlying structures.

What is the recovery time?

The procedure takes less than one hour to perform, with little bruising or swelling. This allows patients to return to normal activities in just a few days.

Can MyEllevate® be used with other procedures or treatments?

Yes! MyEllevate® can be done as a procedure on its own, or with submental liposuction, chemical lipolysis (Kybella®) and energy based skin tightening technologies

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